Victorian Gardens Project Continues

It has been almost two months since I began this 800 foot plus project. In that time the eighty foot long City Hall was painted followed by two adjoining row houses. When the north wall is complete at the end of February I will then leave the atrium area temporarily and move into the front of the building. here I will illustrate the store fronts for the Library, Saloon, Spa and Drug Store. Moving on to this area will free up the atrium space for the landscaping and all concrete re-surfacing to be completed. In about three months I will return to the atrium to continue the row house mural. Take a look at the progress so far!
On a related note, also in this time the word that all of the Victorian Manor facilities where I have illustrated were sold to Americare. This is great news for Quick Development but on the sadder side, the word that most of my murals will be painted over by the new owners was disappointing. The new ownership seems to be working hard to make a complete separation with the old management and all of the art is on the list. At least the scenes made people happy for awhile!

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