Pricing Strategies

Murals and Illustrations:
Illustrations are usually designed with the Clients budget in mind. I won’t design a $30,000 mural when a $1,000 painting is desired. Pricing has no bearing on the quality of finish. All paintings will be of the highest quality and value regardless of budget. Costs can be controlled by the degree of detail in the design which saves in time. A general price for illustration is around $20 per square foot. Of course this will vary depending on location, size, subject matter, location or studio fees and prep. work.

A typical project works like this. The artist and client discuss basic goals, tastes and location of the art. When the artist feels he has a good idea of what is desired he then begins work on the conceptual sketch. This may be in color or B/W depending on design. There is a non-refundable fee for this sketch which will be discussed and paid prior to start. This fee will be counted as part of the total budjet and is not extra. Only when this sketch is approved will the final be scheduled and started. A 50% deposit is required at that time. A timely schedule will be discussed and adhered to. When the artist is finished balance of payment is due. Murals priced under $5,000, total is due at start.

A large Client list is available if references are needed. A wide array of decorative finishes are also available and an additional portfolio is available for review on request.

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