Did I Mention the New Mural Project is 500 Feet Long?

Drawings have begun on this monstrous project. The first section to be illustrated is about 150′ wide and 16′ tall. While the scope initially is overwhelming, the more time I spend there helps me get comfortable with it all. All walls are built, covered and primed. Windows and doors will be installed next week. The entire area will be cleaned and sprayed. There will be nothing but my paint and I as the workmen will move on to other areas of the building! My first design for the “City Hall” will be transferred to the wall. All of the following designs will be decided upon as the project develops.

The theme of the entire space will be 1930′s small town including the City Hall and courses of row houses and brown stones. The style will be done in Trompe L’oeil (fool the eye). The walls are flat but when finished will be seen as real buildings with detail. There will be cars, people, pets and landscaping that looks real but really doesn’t exist. This will be very fun for the residents and their guests. Design of the city hall is a merge of the Kirkwood city hall meets the “Back to the Future” city hall. There will be brick, columns, carving and a clock on top. stay tuned for more progress photos!

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