Put the Brushes Away, Get Out the Knife!

Every once in awhile you’re asked to step out of your comfort zone and create in a different way. This past week my client was in need of a seven foot tall Lamborghini emblem. Since even Lamborghini doesn’t apply them you do the next best thing…call the artist. His desire was to have an emblem to be installed in his car garage/museum that looked as if it was an old metal sign discovered possibly in a Tuscan barn. Getting a custom laser cut wooden emblem produced was out of the question due to schedule and budget. It was decided a more practical decision would be to make it out of styrofoam since it would be seen from a distance and weight would be a factor.

Layers of foam were sandwiched and cut to shape to make the silhouette of the emblem including the letters. It was covered with layers of plaster slurry to give a surface to sand smooth. I then primed and painted the background. a chemical was added to the black to create a rust effect area. I then was given a shaped block of foam for the bull. With a snap-off blade and sanding block I sculpted the Lamborghini signature bull. When shaped and sanding completed I primed and painted the gold leaf finish. The entire process took a little over a week but was finished for his first Lamborghini party with friends in the new space.

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