RayHarveyArt Receives Sports Commission from Joe Buck’s Restaurant!

The owner of Joe Buck’s Restaurant in downtown St. Louis has just commissioned Ray Harvey to create three large sports murals for display in the venue. The site sits only blocks from home plate at Busch Stadium. The scenes will depict St. Louis sports in all of it’s glory. The far left mural will be dedicated to baseball, cardinals players and the ’06 and ’11 World series. The center painting will show the broadcasting of Joe Buck with the skyline in the background and his booth partners, select stars and his now famous re-creation call of “See You Tomorrow Night.” The right-hand scene will cover Hockey and Football with the three Hall of Fame Blues hockey players and some of the Big Red Players from Cardinal football. The three paintings are fifteen feet wide and five feet tall. Each painting will be an original on canvas. They will replace the b/w photographs that hang there now. The design process is in the beginning stages but the only deadline is to have the art finished and installed by the opening of Baseball season.
Ray Harvey is not foreign to the St. louis sports scene after his forty-eight foot wide mural of St. Louis sports in 1999 for Fair St. Louis and his Official Artist status during the PGA Championship at Bellerive CC. Prints of each of the three scenes are planned to be available at the restaurant following installation.

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