“One Touch” Painting wins Grand Purchase Prize

The original painting “One Touch” was awarded the Purchase Prize at the eighth annual Christ in Art Festival at the Kirkwood United Methodist Church. This painting was one of seventy-two original pieces of art including all mediums. The Church has the option of purchasing one of the entered pieces to add to thier own private collection. The purchase prize awarded this year was in the amount of $2,000. The art “One Touch” will continue to be on display during this exhibit for the next month and then will be hung permanantly in the sanctuary area of Kirkwood United Methodist Church. Below is the artist’ devotion description of the art:

Where is Hope?
I recently visited Sarasota, Florida and found myself at the Ringling Art Museum. Yes, this is the same John Ringling that is famous for his circus, but in Sarasota his art collection is known for being the largest display of Baroque style paintings in the world. There weren’t many visitors there that day and fortunately for me I had many of the galleries to myself. I must at this time confess a terrible, despicable, and shameful act. While in the Tapestry Gallery standing in front of what must have been a twenty foot square weaving by one of my favorite artists Peter Paul Rubens, I had a thought, a dreadful thought. Seeing beautiful, famous and world renowned works of art is truly an experience but at this time, in this place it didn’t seem like enough. What would it be like to hold the palette of Van Gogh I wondered, or the brush of DaVinci? Or more realistically, what would it be like to touch the original work of a Rubens? This was my chance. To touch a work of this master was going to be as close as I could ever get to being with him. I looked around…no one. Do I dare? I did. Ever so slowly and carefully I reached out my finger and brushed the edge of the art. It was at about this time the alarm sounded. I backed away with arms behind my back as if to ask what all the noise was about. And as fast as the alarm started it stopped. A guard came around the corner, saw my innocent enough pose and walked away with nothing more than a shoulder shrug. I had gotten away with the crime. To this day I can still remember the feel of the Rubens masterpiece.
This reminded me of the Galilean woman who had suffered for twelve years with a bleeding disease. She had tried it all, seen the doctors and tried all the advice. Nothing worked. All hope certainly was lost! Then she heard about this Jesus. She had heard all about the miracles and signs. Water to wine, great fishing, but how is he with my problem? Maybe if I could get through the crowd. And maybe if I can put my arms around him. Or maybe, just maybe if I could only reach out ever so slowly and carefully and lightly touch him. Maybe. I know he could heal me. I know he can make me well. He is my only hope. But do I dare?
You know the ending. She did get through the crowd of holy men. She found a way to reach through the despair, empty promises and pain. And she touched him. The power went out of Jesus with such strength it even got his attention. She was healed. Jesus wanted to know, “Who touched me?” When she fell before him and declared how she had been instantly cured he said, “Daughter, your faith has made you well.”
Where is hope? For many its money, power or position. For others it’s as simple as one touch of the master.

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