Metalin’ Guitar Project is Completed

A few months ago I received a call from someone I’ve never met. He said he owned a tool & die company and he also had a company that produced metal bodied electric guitars. He said he was building a new assembly room and studio for this guitar business. Most of my commissions are from people I have never met. I have very few repeat customers for mural projects. Every customer seems to be as new as their projects. But quite often, this stranger turned customer ends up being a friend. This is the case at Metalin’. Ken Wolfert is one of the most independent, free-thinking creative people I have met in some time. He is also the owner of Metalin’. Our first simple intro meeting turned into two and a half hours. I saw the site and we discussed his vision for his room.

For a freelance artist working on a commission there is nothing better than when a client points me in the desired direction and then says “go.” There was very little direction or critique after that. He knows the best way to get the best result is to let the artist just do what he does. The project turned into one five by seven foot hung painting, a fifteen foot stairway graffiti mural leading to the guitar area and the final twenty-two foot wide montage mural depicting some of his favorite guitarists: Billie Gibbons, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Chet Adkins, Kieth Richards, Jimi Hendrix, Les Paul, BB King, Carlos Santana and finally, Eric Clapton. I worked very intensely on this project and am very proud of the results. Ken was very pleased with everything as we left the install on Friday. Great job, great customer but as usual in these cases, it ends. For most customers the need for murals isn’t an everyday thing so while I hope to hear that voice on the phone again in the future, it is not expected. This project will lead to more and I can show what was painted. Another sample in my three hundred plus list of projects. They’re not all this much fun to work on but I enjoy them while they last!

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