Just in time for Independence Day!

After 911 in 2002, the owners of Helen Fitzgerald’s Restaurant in Sunset Hills commissioned an artist to paint a very large sixty-foot flag mural on the side of their building. It was beautiful and impactful. Over the years the elements took it’s toll on the image. I had talked to Brett Syberg four years ago suggesting he let me re-paint the art. For a variety of reasons he chose to wait. Now a couple of weeks ago, I contacted him once more to discuss the art. The situation had changed and he immediately said, “Lets do it.” So the large 911 flag mural will be completely re-painted from stars to stripes. All of the original folds and design will remain as originally painted, but the colors will all be as bright and covered as in the beginning. In addition, the remaining thirty-five feet of blank wall to the right of the flag will be designed and painted.

This mural will now be ninety-five feet wide. Many murals fade and sometimes it only adds to the patina. In the case of an american flag mural, a different responsibility is involved. These colors should never be allowed to fade or look weathered. It is an honor to be chosen to complete this wall to be seen by veterans and the public alike!

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