Did You Know Ray Harvey Art Has Completed Over Three Hundred Murals?

What began with a four foot by six foot painting on my own living room wall exploded into a full-time career. To date, the best we can count, I have created over three hundred large-scale paintings all over the midwest region. These have included residential, commercial and public installations. The largest in scope and time has been a 15,000 square foot project in Eureka, MO. It took twelve months to complete. It is housed indoors at the Victorian Gardens independent living facility. Many of my paintings are considered commercial use artwork. This includes, restaurants like J. Bucks, DelMonico’s, office buildings like Merrill Lynch in Clayton and hotels such as The Chase Park Plaza.

Then still there are the countless public murals like the many seen along Route 66. I am to date still the most viewed artist on the great Mother Road. They say every journey begins with a single step but in my case, a single painting. I have illustrated in Illinois, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Florida, Kansas, Alabama, Virginia and Kentucky. There are no walls large enough to stop me from painting. What began with small 18″ x 24″ illustrations used for advertising purposes for Fortune 500 companies has developed into artwork many feet long! With Spring here I am looking forward to new projects in new places.

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