Variety is the Key!

I have created artwork all around the St. Louis and Midwest area for over thirty years in a freelance capacity. I have painted over three hundred murals for commercial, residential and public use. I have created and painted hundreds of decorative paint finishes and looks for residential and commercial use. I have also designed and painted large canvas backdrops for theater, trade show and photo applications. Branding such a diverse talent has been difficult at times mainly due to a customers limited focus. Who would call a muralist when a great paint finish is what is needed on an office lobby? Who would call a house painter to create a beautiful original custom art mural? My clients do!

The customers that have been with me from the beginning know there are few limitations as to what I can do for them. Is it a church, an office, a restaurant or a theatrical play. It doesn’t matter because I can help them keep their project moving. For lack of a better phrase, it is kind of like one stop shopping when they call Ray Harvey Art. If you have a creative need of any kind I hope you contact me first.

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