Church Mural RE-DO at St. Michaels

In 2007 I illustrated murals in three churches in central Missouri. One of these was St. Michaels church. I received a call this Spring that there had been a roof leak leading to some minor damage in the alter mural. I was asked to come in and do spot repairs. Eventually the roof was fixed and the small spots had been patched. Awaiting the contractors call that the little areas were prime coated and ready for painting, I received a different type of call. The contractor informed me there had been some “miscommunication” between the painter and himself. Instead of priming only the few small areas, the painter whited out the entire alter mural measuring some sixty feet! I am meeting with them today to discuss a new mural on that alter wall. Lesson here…Listening is paramount! Here is a photo of just one of the Tromp L’Oeil scenes.

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