Back to “Patriotic City” in Concordia ,MO.!


A lot has happened in concordia Missouri since I painted their first mural last May. The Concordia Lions Club has developed an entire art program for the city. Promoted by the local government and merchants. They have financial pledges lasting for the next five years. I painted mural number two last October and now I am back to paint mural number three. Titled Freedom, it will include the founding fathers of Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams. Independence hall, and the Liberty Bell will also make an appearance. The wall is 80 feet wide and 24 feet tall.

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A Shot in the Dark in Quincy!

Now this was different. I was asked to create a dark of night space odyssey seen on the ceiling. The room was used as a gambling arcade in Quincy, Illinois. The ceiling will be up, lit, giving a dramatic affect with the lighted machines.

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Indoor Winter Botanicals Painted in Updated Building in Hannibal!

Indoor work, great light and warmth is valuable in January! I travel back to Hannibal this week to give some bright painting to a therapy room in the new business that now resides in the old CourierPost building. The building was recently totally renovated by Brad Walden. I wanted to do some bright colored natural botanicals on the walls without it looking like a children’s room. I think I succeeded. The customer is quite happy!

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2023 Here we go!

Winter is the time to plan and design. Right now I have bookings for new projects scheduled up until November 1 of 2023. What a blessing! Some are old acquaintances, and some are new patrons. The third mural in the patriotic Mural City project in Concordia, Missouri is on the calendar as well as two more in Hannibal, Missouri bringing their total up to 25 murals by Ray Harvey art! In addition, something new for me, is the painting of a mural directly on the street surface in St. Charles Missouri. Here are a few of the mock-ups.

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More Murals in 2022!

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Hit the Ground Running in 2022!

Winter usually brings slow days and snow days. The expectancy of warmer days and big walls. Well this off-season was different. Firstly, I painted into December…very unusual. Then right after the holidays I received a mural commission from one of my favorite bars and restaurant, Brown Jerry’s in Pacific, MO. This was a Blues and Jazz theme any way I wanted.
Resulting from this a new customer needed(wanted) a classic car mural in his man cave garage. You know I can paint some baaad chrome!
Then I waited for dry weather to begin a 100’ mural in the gorgeous little town of Concordia, MO. Three weeks we waited for the right climate. Eventually on May 7th I packed up the show and landed in Concordia at the request of the Lions Club. trim.C770AC2A-EE48-4356-B884-A355D06D2344Patriotic they wanted and patriotic they received! Another beautiful waving American flag and a large version of the preamble of our constitution.
Next, Hannibal awaits for a Mississippi Showboat mural. See you there!

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Long Awaited Two-Train Mural is Completed!

This scene was discussed for over a year and the specific wall was hunted since 2018. But now it is finished. With Deborah White’s perseverance contributions came rolling in and the wall was secured. Over thirty-five separate donors came forward and paid for the design. The wall, owned by Arif Dagin, was selected and repaired. This past month I began one of the best exposed walls in Hannibal. At the corner of Third and Broadway this scene will be viewed by thousands of residents and tourists alike. The design showcase the Mark Twain Zephyr that was decommissioned in 1959. The Art Deco styled train graced the rails between St. Louis and Iowa. The steam locomotive is the mail train that crossed Missouri between Hannibal and St. Joseph. Hannibal’s Union Station Depot is also shown. The mural spans 60’ wide and 14’ tall.

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Completed! Flag Draped Hannibal VFW Post 2446

It was a very hot week, but fifty hours later the two flag mural on the corner of VFW Post 2446 was complete. The building has some miles on it but with the addition of this 400 sq. ft. painting, it shows the American spirit of its members. Located on Bird street in Hannibal the art gives visitors, tourists and members a location for the most patriotic photos. Most importantly the flag mural gives the organization a large presence in the downtown area!

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Outdoor Mural Painting Season is in Full Speed!

Every mural I paint isn’t in Hannibal, but it sure seems like it. I began the outdoor Spring painting season at the Main Street side of the Hannibal History Museum. Deborah White commissioned me to create a second mural for the museum showcasing the Hannibal trolley company that ran for so many years. I came up with a more graphic travel stamp design. It worked out great!

Then, Deborah White and Lori Kemp called me to paint these two selfie spot murals in the city butterfly garden. One being a peacock design and directly across from that is a butterfly design!

In June I began a biggie! Continental Cement Company, with the urging of Deborah White once again, commissioned me to create a very large heritage mural on 3rd street. My vision was of American immigration and exceptionalism. I wanted to tell the story of these workers from Eastern Europe and Southeastern America to the plant near Hannibal. Continental is the last American owned cement company in the country. I’m proud to have told this story!

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Current Hannibal Mural Locations Now Available!

Hey Hannibal! I’m asked often so here is the official Holy list of my art murals in Hannibal with addresses:

Big Wall on City Hall – 320 N. Broadway

Fire Station – 1634 Market St.

American Flag on Market St. – 3500 Market St.

Vintage Cars on Market – 2000 Market St.

Broadway Bar & Grill Beer Mug – 712 Broadway

Ilasco Falstaff Vintage Sign – 10998 Ilasco

Travel Trolley Stamp on History Museum – 200 N. Main Street

Train Depot on History Museum – 200 N. Main & Center St.

Mark Twain on American Flag – 1429 Mark Twain Avenue

AND, it looks like four more coming this summer! If you go by and view or take a photo, please post and tag me please!

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