Very Small Towns can Make the Best Canvas for Progress!

A small town in upstate rural Missouri, named LaBelle with a population of 660 became the latest to commission and proudly display a new mural by RayHarveyArt! On the wall of city hall at the only flashing signal light in town, a 60’ wide original painting is now complete. Initially the new Mayor hoped to hide the new mural so as to make a big splash unveiling this week but the wind, storms and sun had other ideas. Mayor Zac Sharpe, the 26 year old leader of the town wants to always show progress and one of the many projects was this mural. LaBelle is the home to the longest running Rodeo in Missouri so two things the residents are proud of… America and Rodeo! The design by Ray Harvey was easily chosen as the first mural in LaBelle months ago with the completion of the art just this week. Just in time for Independence Day! The painting is viewed every day as most travelers need to pass by for work and other destinations. There is also a great viewing spot from the newest merchant, the “Handlebar”coffee shop right across the street.
The next time you find yourself on the road about 40 miles west of Hannibal stop at a town that exemplifies rural Missouri. LaBelle!

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