Outdoor Mural Painting Season is in Full Speed!

Every mural I paint isn’t in Hannibal, but it sure seems like it. I began the outdoor Spring painting season at the Main Street side of the Hannibal History Museum. Deborah White commissioned me to create a second mural for the museum showcasing the Hannibal trolley company that ran for so many years. I came up with a more graphic travel stamp design. It worked out great!

Then, Deborah White and Lori Kemp called me to paint these two selfie spot murals in the city butterfly garden. One being a peacock design and directly across from that is a butterfly design!

In June I began a biggie! Continental Cement Company, with the urging of Deborah White once again, commissioned me to create a very large heritage mural on 3rd street. My vision was of American immigration and exceptionalism. I wanted to tell the story of these workers from Eastern Europe and Southeastern America to the plant near Hannibal. Continental is the last American owned cement company in the country. I’m proud to have told this story!

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