It’s Mural Application Time!

This is the time of year that groups and organizations put out a call for entries. In January their budgets are usually new and they may have received their grant money. These call for entries are found online for all artists of America defined. I am usually pretty particular about which ones I want to apply for. Many times they keep these projects on a local artist basis only. Applying for these potential projects is a lengthy process. You need samples of your past work, statements of interest, references and budget requirements.
Along with the other projects I already have scheduled for spring I have now applied for a Johnson City, Tennessee Mural project and the art that is shown here in Augusta, Georgia.
The latter project is really interesting to me as the subject matter is James Brown and his career. While local artists will be given a little higher rating, I hope that I can out design them enough for them to pick up Missouri artist. The project would be fun enough to make the reward worth the risk. This Wall is 120 feet wide and 36 feet tall. It is on James Brown Blvd. Their call requires a design to be big, bold, and beautiful, not to mention very colorful. I think I’ve done that in this proposed design. The winning artist will be notified during the first week of February, time will tell.

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