FCCF Commissions Ray Harvey for Sunday Services!

First Christian Church of Florissant has commissioned Ray Harvey to create two large scale paintings during this Sundays services. January 31st is the day chosen at the church to dedicate all babies born during the past year. During the service there will be specific music, messages, introductions and visual art to mark the day. Ray Harvey will be demonstrating through quickly painted scenes the concept that God is not through with us yet! Mr. Harvey will create four different paintings when seen alone don’t make much visual sense but when displayed together in the correct order capsulizes the sermon message. Video and still shots wil be available on this site next week.

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2 Responses to FCCF Commissions Ray Harvey for Sunday Services!

  1. Mary Monroe says:

    Incredibly great read! Honestly!

  2. Wow am I actually the only comment to this amazing post!?

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