New American Flag Mural to be Created by July 4th!

One of the interesting things about this business is that you never know where the next phone call will take you. This was the case when I was contacted via Facebook from a man in Hannibal, MO. He inquired about a bid. He then called me to say he actually had three buildings in mind he would like murals created. One of which was a sixty foot wide brick building with an American flag painted on it. The design was simple but heartfelt. It had been painted right after 9/11. The art had been used for many photo shoots and had become part of the community. The wall had fallen to disrepair and was in bad need of tuckpointing. He originally wanted it to be the second wall we tackled but I suggested to him that if we were going to paint a new and improved flag mural, it would be nice to do by Independence Day. He agreed. He also got a crew of masons on it the following day. They are now working feverishly in this heat to complete the work and get it ready for my part.

I wanted to give the neighborhood an even better flag to view on a daily basis. We decided to make it an edge to edge painting and add the waving flag element to add some life. That is the plan. I expect to begin June 27th and hope to be completed by the fourth.

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