Hannibal Firehouse Mural is Completed

The HannibalHose Company #2 firehouse mural was completed last week. Commissioned by Mr. Brad Walden, this once proud firehouse turned office building received an artistic facelift! This is the third mural commission directed by Mr. Walden. The wall was patched, skim coated and then layered with a new surface. Then I designed a Trompe L’oeil designed mural. French for “fool the eye”, this technique creates what doesn’t exist. Each brick, molding, door, dog and horse was painted. Only the three upper windows are actually real. The new wall gives the public a great opportunity for selfies and photos.

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First Hero Nation Mural is Complete.

This past week the first Hero Nation Mural was completed and signed at the State Technical College of Missouri. The 41’ wide painting was completed just in time for the tailgate graduation which took place on May 30th. The mural pays respect to the working sprit of Americans and students alike whom have been the backbone of the country. The art will grace the entrance to the campus and be a destination for photographers, students, veterans and others wanting to use the backdrop of the American flag.

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The “Hero Nation” Project Begins!

Every art series begins with the first painting of course. My plan to design and paint a mural series saluting the working spirit of America starts this week. State Technical College of Missouri is the first up to bat. They have excitedly commissioned me to create a 41’ wide mural on the Osage County Community Center. The building sits at the entrance to the college and will be highly visible from highway 50. The design is a beautiful waving American flag with the the Hero Nation logo with the school logo. The prep work will begin this week and the completion should be In around two weeks.

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Become a Patron for the Hero Nation Project!

“Hero Nation” Proposal

Many times a good idea needs to percolate before the time is right to move forward. This idea has done just that. A few years ago I had envisioned a series of art murals done for the public celebrating the heroic spirit of those amongst us. Be it first responders, soldiers, medical professionals, teachers or laborers that live their lives through duty to those around them. America is overflowing with them. This became “Hero Nation.”
During this pandemic time our country finds itself in, the idea needs to take root. I propose designing a series of ten murals to be created around the St. Louis region that inspire and give a public thank you to those that serve. Each mural would be created in a very visible location corresponding to the subject painted, like firehouses, medical facilities, schools and the like. The size of each mural would be roughly 12’ tall and 16’ wide depending on the specific wall. These walls will be chosen for their visibility and access for viewing as a constant reminder of the sacrifices given.
I am looking for a patron to sponsor one or more such public murals. The press and attention these paintings will receive during this time and the future will be substantial. Full credit will be given to the sponsor in any press applications. The cost to create such a painting will be $2,500 each. I am reducing my price of this described mural by 70% for the cause. If any interested party has a larger wall or requests a much larger painting, I can do that. The cost will be proportionate to the request.The cost is all inclusive of materials, production and marketing.
With your financial help we can create together a wave of positive appreciation towards the individuals that uplift us, protect us and serve us in their daily walk.

I can be reached anytime by phone or email for more details and information. Please review the art samples attached. These are versions of what could become a reality. I look forward to your response and support!

Ray Harvey
Email – RayHarveyArt@gmail.com
Web/Blog – www.RayHarveyArt.com

Ray Harvey Bio –
Ray Harvey has been a freelance illustrator and muralist since 1986. He has created over five hundred public, residential, commercial and industrial murals during that time around the Midwest region. He has been commissioned by Cities, Mayors, corporate executives and celebrities in the production of this repertoire. His largest project to date is a 17,000 sq. ft. art project in Eureka, MO. He has painted many of the murals in St. Louis restaurants such as Syberg’s Restaurants and J Bucks Restaurants and the Chase Park Plaza Hotel. He presently is completing six large mural projects in Hannibal, MO including one for Hannibal City Hall. A complete reference list is available on request.

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I’m in the final four, help me be the final ONE!

After 39 submissions, I made the final four! Now it’s up to public voting. While I am the only out of state artist in consideration I’m at a disadvantage. I could use any positive vote from you to help me secure this commission. Just click the link and find my design to vote…easy! No sign-up is required, no personal info shared. Thank https://augustaarts.wufoo.com/forms/james-brown-mural-public-voting/

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It’s Mural Application Time!

This is the time of year that groups and organizations put out a call for entries. In January their budgets are usually new and they may have received their grant money. These call for entries are found online for all artists of America defined. I am usually pretty particular about which ones I want to apply for. Many times they keep these projects on a local artist basis only. Applying for these potential projects is a lengthy process. You need samples of your past work, statements of interest, references and budget requirements.
Along with the other projects I already have scheduled for spring I have now applied for a Johnson City, Tennessee Mural project and the art that is shown here in Augusta, Georgia.
The latter project is really interesting to me as the subject matter is James Brown and his career. While local artists will be given a little higher rating, I hope that I can out design them enough for them to pick up Missouri artist. The project would be fun enough to make the reward worth the risk. This Wall is 120 feet wide and 36 feet tall. It is on James Brown Blvd. Their call requires a design to be big, bold, and beautiful, not to mention very colorful. I think I’ve done that in this proposed design. The winning artist will be notified during the first week of February, time will tell.

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I Paint Big Honk’n Murals!

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Big Wall on City Hall on hold till Spring!

What turned out to be my largest and most involved project of the year, The Big Wall on City Hall is now on hold till Spring. The weather just didn’t cooperate again! The final week of October turned too cold for the paint and the artist. I need at least 40 degrees for the silicate paint to react properly. I was barely getting upper 40’s by late afternoon when I stopped. Then the following week resulted in 2” of snow for Halloween. No one is more disappointed than I am. I have all winter to ponder the situation. But with that time to plan and the experience I now have with this wall, I expect it to be better in the long run. I appreciate Hannibal’s patience and ill be back as early as possible in 2020!

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Kickstarter campaign opened to fund Big Wall on City Hall Mural!

Day one of 24 to raise $15,000.


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Hannibal City Council approves New Mural Plan for City Hall

Just last evening mayor Hark of Hannibal and myself explained and described anew plan for creating a large scale mural on the east side of City Hall. The motion passed unanimously! This now allows me to create the smaller easel size version of the scene which will be used for prints. These prints will be the rewards to the supporters of my new Kickstarter campaign. The mural when funded will be started in the Fall. The scene will depict a traditional Hannibal historical design.

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